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Working Age 25 to 55 Retirement Age 55 to 85

The only person who will take care of the OLDER YOU someday— is the YOUNGER YOU are TODAY

Fast Facts

» Longevity risk:
Today the average life expectancy for a 60-year old Indian is 75 & Indians lived 9 years longer than 1992. Life Expectancy of Indian is assumed to be 82 by the year 2025. (WHO)

» Increasing health costs:
Total amount spent by individuals on health care is increasing, in direct proportion to increasing life expectancy.

» Nuclear families & Decline of joint family structure

» Falling interest rates

Sample Retirement Planning


  • Pre Retirement CAGR is considered @ 12 % form SIP of Equity or balanced fund
  • Post Retirement CAGR is considered @ 5 %

Additional Features:

  • No Lapsation (even after one month) / No Lock in
  • Pension for whole life for self & spouse: Pension is an option and the life fund can be used for full or partial withdrawal as per choice of investor.
  • Investor right (Flexibility): Investment Period / Pension option / full or partial withdrawal / 80 C benefit up to 1.5 lac per annum.