www.saffollya.com is an online mutual fund investment platform (hereinafter referred to as Saffollya O Samriddhi LLP), with a team of 50 + highly-qualified personnel,  which is registered with AMFI vide Corporate ARN 137947, having tie-up with various mutual fund AMCs on a single platform & with nexgen estate planning solutions of New Delhi – 110034. It intends to offer an innovative online platform providing the online solutions to invest in the Indian mutual fund industry through its website named www.saffollya.com.

Mutual Funds and securities investments are subject to market risks and there is no assurance or guarantee that the objective of the Scheme will be achieved. Past performance of the Sponsor/AMC/Fund or that of any scheme of the Fund does not indicate the future performance of the Schemes of the Fund. Please read the Key Information Memorandum and the Offer Document carefully before investing.

SEBI has vide its circular dated November 26, 2010, stipulated that with respect to purchase of units of income/ debt oriented schemes (other than liquid schemes) with amount equal to or more than 1 Cr., irrespective of the time of application, the closing NAV of day on which funds are available for utilization shall be applicable. All Investors are advised to keep in mind said circular while investing in income/ debt oriented schemes (other than liquid schemes).

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Saffollya O Samriddhi LLP suggests the investors to seek independent professional advice from advisors or consultants and verify the contents to arrive at an appropriate investment decision before investing the funds. The suggestions or recommendations provided by Saffollya O Samriddhi LLP are just an incidental or ancillary service to mutual fund distribution. The potential investors are advised to make their own enquiries, perform due diligence and satisfy themselves at their own prior to availing the services or buying mutual funds at Saffollya O Samriddhi LLP.

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Investment in the securities’ industry and any other financial tools are constitutionally risky and every time you must anticipate absolute responsibility of the results regarding your all financial or investment decisions. Thus, you must consider your practical legal aspects, accountancy, tax, other services, and other professional bits of advice before pickings any decision in respect of investment or financial tools.

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